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Skip The Slackers! Whittle Out The Whiners!

Employee Turnover Reduction Expert Reveals How To Fill Your Staff With Superstar Part-Time Employees 

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Is The 'Superstars Wanted Challenge'

For Me And My Business...???

Yes! This 'Superstars Wanted Challenge' is especially for you if...

  • You've tried hiring superstars... with little to no results or you are just plain frustrate with employees these days.
  • You're totally new to all of this and suck at employee management. (HINT: YOU don't "suck"... but maybe the "system" you're using isn't the right fit for your business and employees...)
  • ​You think you don't have a big enough payroll budget to warrant or afford superstar employees...
  • You're spending exhausting hours in your business... and would like to spend more time doing the things you really enjoy...
  • You're frustrated with staff not showing up for work... It's like they don't even care if they get fired...

If you nodded or said "yes" to any of the above, then YES, this 5-Day Superstars Wanted Challenge is 100% for you.

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...and we'll show you, step-by-step on how to build a highly successful "Superstar Employee Management System" for you and your business... and then give you the Superstar Wanted Challenge, Superstars Wanted Challenge Workbook, and Superstars Wanted: Little Known Ways Small Businesses Can Find, Employ, and Keep More Qualified, Competent, Motivated People eBook—All Included!

Sign Up Today...

...and we'll show you, step-by-step on how to build a highly successful "Superstar Employee Management System" for you and your business... and then give you the Superstar Wanted Challenge, Superstars Wanted Challenge Workbook, and Superstars Wanted: Little Known Ways Small Businesses Can Find, Employ, and Keep More Qualified, Competent, Motivated People eBook—All Included!

Who Is Don "Dark Horse" Kermath And Why Should I Listen To Him?

Let me take you on an exhilarating journey through the transformation of my life and the incredible impact I've had on countless small businesses.

It was nine years ago when my daughter approached me with a bold idea that would revolutionize the fitness industry. She wanted to create a new fitness concept called Kor180 that combined cardio and strength training to burn a mind-blowing 800 calories in just a 45-minute workout.

Instantly, the spark of excitement ignited within me as we embarked on a mission to bring this groundbreaking fitness experience to the world.

Fast forward four years, and my ex-wife sought my expertise to launch a unique gift boutique concept named Emprizo. This boutique offered not only extraordinary gifts but also personalized gifting advice that couldn't be found anywhere else.

Meanwhile, we had already built a thriving chain of seven indoor tanning salons, establishing ourselves as successful entrepreneurs.

But I wanted more.

I wanted to share my knowledge and skills with others, to empower small business owners to unlock their true potential.

So, with determination and a bit of trepidation, I realized that the systems we had developed for our own ventures were so powerful that they had the potential to transform any small business.

It was at that pivotal moment I birthed the Dark Horse Secrets Employee Management System—a culmination of seven years of relentless development and refinement.

These tools, my friends, were destined to change lives by making the process of creating and implementing business systems fast and easy. And guess what? They succeeded in doing just that. Lives were transformed, dreams were realized, and businesses flourished—all because of the power of these systems.

But here's the thrilling part: I didn't stop at creating the systems; I set out to teach others how to execute them with precision. It wasn't just about crafting the perfect business plan—it was about taking massive, imperfect action.

I dove headfirst into documenting my systems, sharing my expertise through blogs, and even getting published in prestigious trade journals. I became the go-to person for analyzing and critiquing business systems, an authority in the field.

I became obsessed with unraveling the mysteries of business systems, shining a light on their potential, and helping entrepreneurs harness their power.

And then, in December 2020, my groundbreaking book, "Recruit, Hire, and Retain Superstar Part-Time Employees," soared to the top of the Amazon charts, becoming an instant #1 bestseller. This book unleashed three interrelated business systems that provided entrepreneurs with the keys to finding, employing, and retaining exceptional talent—the very foundation for building successful businesses. It was a turning point, the launching pad for my next venture, Superstars Wanted.

Since then, my passion for sharing business systems has grown exponentially. I've dedicated my time to producing a multitude of resources that cater to all types of businesses. From books, workbooks, and action guides to captivating blog posts and inspiring webinars, I've poured my heart and soul into delivering practical steps, valuable advice, and invaluable know-how that works wonders for any small business you can imagine.

Whether it's in personal service industries, non-profit fundraising, restaurants, bars, hotels, retail shops, e-commerce, or health and fitness—you name it—I have the expertise to assemble powerful business systems that will skyrocket any small business to new heights.

The impact of my work cannot be overstated. Over the past two years alone, I have empowered dozens of individuals with my transformative tools, training, and resources. Witnessing their businesses flourish and their lives change has been an indescribable joy, reaffirming that I am indeed living

I honestly feel like I’m living my life’s purpose right now!

Pretty cool, right? :-)...

But don't just take my word for it...

What Folks Are Saying About
Don "Dark Horse" Kermath

Michelle Norvel jpg

"Having been a small-business owner for more than 12 years it was great to finally find a book to help me in my hiring process. I can't believe how much time I have wasted with my hiring in the past. I am excited to put this to use the next time I need to hire someone and no more wasted time with interviewees that don't show up."

Michelle Norvel
Puyallup, WA

Manu Elle Eldridge jpg

"I enjoyed your book and think it is very helpful for small businesses just like mine. My biggest problem I am facing is hiring Superstars. I have one great girl that has been with me since we opened 3 years ago. Everyone else I hired this year has been lazy, whiners, and slackers. Yes, some pigs too. It was really eye-opening to read your book, thank you for that!"

Manu Ella Eldridge
Phenix City AL

Electric-Beach-Oahu-11 jpg

I have 23 years of managerial experience, both as an owner and as a manager. When I bought my first salon however, I wasn’t at all prepared for the level of bs some potential employees will throw at you. Often forgetting they work for you (and the job isn’t supposed to work “for” them) I was pretty frustrated.
This short read helped me quickly trim the fat from my interview AND training processes, as well as onboarding- and I was able to hire outstanding and reliable employees as a result and stop wasting my time with people who really didn’t want to work. Worth EVERY penny - it has already saved me thousands on wasted payroll and time!

Heather Weser
Davenport, FL

Michelle Walters jpg

Just want to give a shout-out to Don Kermath!! I sat in his class at the FS Expo with a very open mind about hiring, firing, and training the youngest generation of employees.
Many points he made stuck with me. In fact, they were so much of an AH HA that I read his book and decided that our current system was costing me too much money and too much time involved with training.
I needed to hire 10 new employees.
So I changed my system in January and put it into action.
Phone interview (pulled questions from the book).
Email drip onboarding (pulled from the book)

In-salon onboarding (pulled from the book)

This is all done in 7 days. Then they are ready to work a shift.
Thanks, Don for the crash course I needed to save money, time & energy on how to find the next generation of my superstar staff.

I am beyond excited for the 2023 Tanning Season!!!

Michelle Walters
Powhatan, VA 

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